A longstanding commitment to environmental responsibility

Cortec ® Corporation is committed to providing world class corrosion solutions for industries across the globe. As the global leader in innovative, environmentally responsible VpCI ® and MCI ® corrosion control technologies, Cortec ® seeks to deliver cost-effective, user-friendly integrated solutions for corrosion problems in the packaging, metalworking, construction, electronics, oil and gas, and many other industries.

 A Global Leader in Sustainable Corrosion Control  

Cortec’s global leadership in corrosion control is accompanied by a longstanding commitment to environmental responsibility, evidenced by its expanding portfolio of sustainable products. Cortec ® is making especially rapid advances in developing USDA Certified Biobased Products made from renewable materials. In addition, Cortec’s unique assortment of biobased, biodegradable, and/or repulpable packaging materials, along with environmentally friendly spray-can alternatives to traditional aerosols, make Cortec ® a leader in environmentally conscious corrosion control technology.

Biological Cleaning, Waste Treatment, and Environmental Cleanup 

Cortec ® also offers biological cleaning, waste treatment, and environmental cleanup solutions through its biotechnology subsidiary, Bionetix ® International. Our Bionetix ® biological formulations contain specific, all-natural microorganisms to break down organic pollutants – without the use of chemicals and further damage to the environment. Bionetix ® biological digestants are composed of 100% naturally occurring, non-pathogenic microorganisms that have been specifically selected for their abilities to degrade target substances. None of the organisms found in our products are genetically engineered or pathogenic for animals, plants, or humans. No incidence of adverse health effects related to the use of our products or their byproducts has ever been reported. 

Bionetix ® allows you to make successful biological treatments a reality. Imagine the following possibilities: 

•     Replacing harsh cleaning chemicals with natural biologicals that boost cleaning power

•     Keeping drains free-flowing with less clogging and odor

•     Solving grease trap overload problems

•     Restoring the balance in wastewater treatment systems after plant upsets

•     Helping industrial plants meet allowed discharge limits to lower waste treatment fees

•     Reducing odor problems in portable toilets and industrial waste 

All of the above have been and can be achieved through the use of natural biotreatment products available from Bionetix ®

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