It is sometimes difficult for metal manufacturers to balance their goal of corrosion protection with their desire to use a worker-friendly product made from renewable resources. BioPad® makes it easy to do so with a USDA Certified Biobased Product that can be used in process, in storage, or in shipment.

Corrosion Protection from a Biobased Product
BioPad® is a flexible corrosion inhibiting device constructed from biobased nonwoven material. This thin pad contains 58% USDA certified biobased content and is a qualified product under the mandatory federal purchasing initiative of the USDA BioPreferred® Program.* It is therefore an excellent option for US federal agencies and their contractors looking to meet minimum biobased content requirements when purchasing corrosion inhibitors, as well as for any environmentally conscious company that wants to make use of renewable materials. BioPad® is an excellent alternative to oily rust preventatives that are often petroleum-based, messy, and difficult to work with.

How to Use BioPad®
In contrast to greasy coatings, BioPad® is easy to use simply by placing the correct size of pad into the package or void space where metals protection is needed. This flat non-woven fabric takes up very little space but delivers a high concentration of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors to the ferrous and non-ferrous metals it encounters in the enclosure. Metals protected include aluminum, galvanized steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, and zinc. The protective mechanism goes into effect as Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors diffuse out of the BioPad® into the enclosure, adsorbing on metal surfaces to form a protective molecular layer. At the end of the protection period, metal parts can be used immediately without having to clean off a greasy rust preventative or other protective coating.

When and Where to Use BioPad®
There are many possible times and places to use BioPad®. It can be added to the package wherever an extra source of corrosion protection is needed, as, for example, in the auto industry when workers want to add a quick boost of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors to a bag of crankshafts or gears being prepared for shipment. BioPad® is also a great addition to the overall preservation package where long-term storage of service parts or high value assets is concerned (e.g., inside engine voids, turbine plenum housings, etc.). BioPad® can even be used for in-process rust prevention, as when gears or other small parts face potential condensation corrosion from going in and out of a temperature-controlled environment.

Add a Burst of Corrosion Protection to Your Metals Package
Ultimately, BioPad® is an unobtrusive, user-friendly, effective, and environmentally-conscious way to add a burst of vapor phase corrosion protection at almost any stage in the metal life-cycle: whether production, shipping, or storage. Contact Cortec® to discuss using this outstanding biobased packaging option in your next rust preventative application:

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