What if you could prevent rust at the same time you lubricate roller chains and similar moving parts? EcoLine® Bearing, Chain, and Roller Lube makes that possible over and above standard lubricants by including corrosion inhibitors in the mix!

What Is a Dual Rust Preventative Lubricant?

EcoLine® Bearing, Chain, and Roller Lube is a ready-to-use rust preventative lubricant, formulated with renewable crop-based oil and corrosion inhibitors. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and stops corrosion in two ways—first by leaving a tenacious moisture displacing film that clings to the surface, and second by leaving behind corrosion inhibitor molecules that actively interrupt the corrosive electrochemical reaction. Added rust prevention is an excellent feature for lubricating equipment that is either exposed to corrosive atmospheres or that will sit idle for extended periods.

Where Should I Use a Rust Preventative Lubricant?

There are many good candidates for dual lubrication/protection. In the forestry industry, chainsaws and harvester heads are used frequently and require constant lubrication. This equipment gets hard use outdoors where it may often be exposed to moisture from humidity, rain, or dew that could accelerate corrosion on chains, making EcoLine® Bearing, Chain, and Roller Lube an excellent lubrication choice. An added advantage is that the lubricant’s biobased component reduces the risk of pollution in case of spills.*

Bicycles, motorcycles, and similar chain-driven vehicles can also benefit from EcoLine® Bearing, Chain, and Roller Lube, which offers needed lubrication and protection while driving or parking bikes in the outdoor elements. Its extra boost of rust prevention is great for routine times of seasonal storage, too!

Another great place to use EcoLine® Bearing, Chain, and Roller Lube is on conveyer chains. Basic lubrication is vital to conveyer belt efficiency. It ensures conveyers work smoothly and helps reduce wear and tear. Add to that the corrosive manufacturing environments full of heat, steam, and airborne chemicals that some conveyer belts find themselves in, and conveyer chains become a perfect candidate for dual rust preventative lubrication. Better yet, EcoLine® Bearing, Chain, and Roller Lube can be applied manually or dispensed automatically for greater convenience.

Help Equipment Work Longer

Wherever you find yourself, it is good to stay alert to the sometimes hidden but all-important lubrication applications that could use some extra rust prevention. By substituting EcoLine® Bearing, Chain, and Roller Lube for standard lubricants, you may just help those chains and rollers function longer with fewer maintenance interruptions! Contact Cortec® to discuss the specifics of your application: https://www.cortecvci.com/contact-us/

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*It is always important to ensure that use and disposal of all materials is in accordance with local guidelines.

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