Rust is a common problem on metals. Also common is the use of petroleum-based rust preventatives to protect metals in-process and in storage. Less common is the use of biobased, biodegradable rust preventatives. However, Cortec® is seeking to change that trend by giving metalworkers access to viable biobased technologies such as EcoLine® 3220.

Replace Petroleum-Based Products for Rust Prevention

Rather than rely primarily on mineral oils and flammable solvents, EcoLine® 3220 contains 99% USDA certified biobased content. It is also biodegradable, giving it an outstanding environmental profile. EcoLine® 3220 can be applied to metals by dip, spray, or brush. It leaves behind a tenacious oily corrosion inhibiting film that serves as an excellent temporary coating. Metals protected include carbon steel, aluminum and alloys, copper and alloys, cast iron, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.

Where to Use EcoLine® 3220

EcoLine® 3220 is an excellent alternative to petroleum-based rust preventatives for companies who stamp, roll, deburr, or otherwise work with metal. It can be used as a temporary protective coating on wire, sheet metals, pipes, flanges, gears, and many other fabricated or machined parts. Indoor protection of metal components sitting in bins between metalworking processes or on shelves during temporary storage is an ideal use for EcoLine® 3220. The coating is very easy to rinse off at any point when protection is no longer needed, but, if desired, it can be left in place when parts are packaged and shipped out to the customer.

Explore Your Biobased Alternatives

Freshly machined metal surfaces are magnets for corrosion, but petroleum-based oils and solvents are no longer the only option. EcoLine® 3220 provides excellent protection with high biobased, biodegradable content. Contact Cortec® to explore this and other biobased alternatives to petroleum-based rust preventatives for your application! Keywords: biobased rust preventative, rust preventatives for metalworkers, ways to prevent metal from rusting, replace petroleum products, alternatives to petroleum, Cortec, biobased alternatives, do biobased products work, biodegradable rust preventatives, corrosion inhibitors For a PDF version please click here.



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