For many years, the Cortec® VpCI®-101 Device has been a go-to for basic corrosion protection of small electronic and electrical compartments or other enclosures of 1 ft³ (28 L) or less. With today’s societal shift to greater environmental consciousness and sustainability, Cortec® is recommending that end users consider switching to EcoDevice®, a biobased version of VpCI®-101 with a higher concentration of corrosion inhibitors.

Go Biobased with Rust Prevention

EcoDevice® follows the same concept as Cortec’s VpCI®-101 Device. These soft, flexible pads are infused with Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors and equipped with a self-adhesive backing. This makes it easy to place the EcoDevice® or VpCI®-101 Device within a small compartment and leave it affixed to the surface as it releases corrosion inhibiting vapors into the enclosure. Corrosion inhibitors form a protective molecular barrier on both ferrous and yellow metals, including steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, and brass but do not interfere with electrical, optical, or mechanical performance. The key differentiator between EcoDevice® and VpCI®-101 Device is that the EcoDevice® substrate is made of 70% biobased non-woven material. Furthermore, EcoDevice® offers a higher concentration of corrosion inhibitors in the same 3” x 1.25” size (7.62 x 3.175 cm), increasing efficiency and recommending it for protection of 1.5 ft³ (42 L) enclosures.

Easy Corrosion Protection for Small Spaces

The EcoDevice® is an easy way to protect small metal enclosures and then “forget” about them for a year or two until the next installment is recommended. Simply calculate the size of the enclosure, apply one EcoDevice® per 1.5 ft³ (42 L), and shut the compartment. If the space is opened briefly for inspection throughout the course of the protection period, Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors in the EcoDevice® will replenish and replace those that escaped while the enclosure was open. It is recommended that EcoDevice® be installed into the components as early as possible, preferably by the manufacturer to ensure protection from the start, through the storage and shipping phase, and on into operation. If this does not occur, shippers or end users still have the chance to install the EcoDevice® at a later stage of equipment service life. EcoDevice® is also a great tool to have when doing large mothballing or preservation projects that almost inevitably encompass protection of small compartments. 

Where to Use EcoDevice®

While the EcoDevice® can be used to inhibit corrosion inside just about any small enclosure, it is especially suited to electronic/electrical compartments because of its self-adhesive nature and multi-metal protection. Possible applications include the following:

  • Electrical wireways and terminal boxes
  • Marine navigation and communication equipment
  • Scientific and measuring instruments
  • Operating, packaged, and stored electrical equipment
  • Power boxes
  • Hand-held battery-operated devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Toolboxes, parts storage, and other containers holding metals

Protection of these areas is especially important when a humid environment is involved or when components will be passing through fluctuating temperatures and salt-laden air during overseas shipping. More Renewable, More Efficient Going biobased is one thing. Using more renewable content and getting more efficient protection at the same time is even more impressive. The next time you need rust prevention in a small electrical compartment or toolbox, consider choosing EcoDevice® for corrosion protection 101, biobased edition.

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