Products That Control Corrosion and Enhance Natural Cleanup Processes

Our strong environmental concern is demonstrated in the design and manufacturing of products that protect materials of all kinds from environmental degradation or enhance natural waste treatment and environmental cleanup processes. We seek continued development of processes and products that are useful, non-hazardous to the environment, and biodegradable or recyclable whenever possible.

There are a variety of ways to minimize impact on the environment while still providing workable solutions to daily problems. Sometimes this means using renewable and/or biodegradable materials. Sometimes it means finding new methods of packaging aerosols so that products atomize for easy application without the use of traditional chemical propellants.

Our products cover a wide range of applications—from corrosion control to wastewater treatment and oil and gas cleanup. This makes us ready to help practically any industry where metal needs to be protected or waste needs to be cleaned up.

When it comes to metals protection, we offer a large portfolio of USDA Certified Biobased Products for cleaning and surface prep, construction, lubrication, packaging, metalworking, and water treatment.

We also offer a variety of specialty sustainable packaging options, ranging from basic compostable film to the first biodegradable corrosion inhibiting film, as well as many naturally biobased VpCI ® paper and linerboard options.

Our BioCortec ® Emitters deliver VpCI ® Technology to enclosed spaces like their traditional VpCI ® Emitter counterparts but integrate renewable components into their design. EcoAir ® Technology allows us to package many of our mainstay corrosion control products in bag-on-valve (BOV) spray cans powered by compressed air rather than traditional chemical propellants. A collection of other specialty products draw on biobased and/or biodegradable materials to provide a variety of cleaning, preservation, and water treatment solutions.

Venturing into the world of biologicals and biostimulants, our biotechnology subsidiary, Bionetix ® International, delivers a wealth of safer, more natural ways to clean up and promote the health of the environment using microorganisms, enzymes, and nutrients to enhance the biodegradation of contaminants in countless applications. Our Bionetix ® formulas contain special blends targeted to digest specific contaminants, providing a tailored approach to waste treatment.

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