Bionetix ® Biologicals and Biostimulants
The Missing Link Between Environmental Protection and Effective Treatment

In a world full of pollution, many are looking for safer, more natural ways to clean up and promote the health of the environment. Our biotechnology subsidiary, Bionetix ® International, makes this possible through biological treatments using a variety of microorganisms and nutrients to stimulate contaminant biodegradation to promote healthier, cleaner environments in countless applications.

Waste Treatment

Our biological products enable wastewater treatment plants to function more efficiently and avoid plant upsets or imbalances by providing a tailored approach to supplementing microorganisms in the system. Regular maintenance doses can also be used to keep the system in healthy balance and reduce sludge buildup over time.

Chemical plants, food processing operations, oil refineries, and automotive facilities can also cut down on their levels of BOD and meet allowed discharge levels by regularly adding Bionetix ® biologicals to their wastewater before it leaves the plant. 

Biological Cleaners

Our cleaners, odor control, and maintenance products utilize natural processes in combination with green chemistry to produce cost-effective replacements for most cleaners. These range from solutions for odor control, all-purpose cleaning, and grease and oil cleanup in auto shops or restaurants, to maintenance options for drains, septic systems, grease traps, and portable toilets.

While harsh cleaning chemicals and disinfectants contribute to pollution and often kill the good bacteria along with the bad, we break this vicious cycle by including positive bacteria and nutrient stimulation in many of our cleaning products. These biological treatments enhance the power of cleaners used on hard surfaces while minimizing environmental damage from the use of harsh chemicals.

Oil & Gas Cleanup Solutions

We are also pleased to offer environmentally friendly solutions to oil spills that help you clean up without the hassle, hazards, and high costs of traditional treatment. Petroleum products that often leak or spill into soil or water in the course of everyday industrial activity are susceptible to natural microbial activity, making them an excellent target for bioremediation! We can help you enhance your present treatment, and you may not even require chemical extraction, excavation, and incineration.

Browse our exciting portfolio of biologicals and biostimulants now!


An all-natural ready-to-use product that is safe for humans and beneficial for fish and wild animals. It is an economical and effective way to keep water in ecological balance, improve water clarity, and compete with algae growth. 


Enhances nitrification to reduce high ammonia concentrations in wastewater using two beneficial microorganisms—Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter. 


Degrades complex organic chemicals such as phenols, benzene compounds, surfactants, and alcohols. This enhances BOD and COD removal and accelerates the removal of unpleasant odors. 


Specifically targeted for treating chemical industry wastewater streams. BCP11™ improves effluent quality and increases wastewater treatment efficiency. It is also good for reducing plant upsets from shocks, helping new plant startups, controlling filaments, and lowering odor and foam.


A powerful blend of bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients to enhance methane production from anaerobic digesters. Also reduces unpleasant odors and controls grease caps and FOG buildup.


A blend of aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria for use in treatment of high concentrations of fats, oils, and greases (FOG).


A blend of bacteria and enzymes for increasing the efficiency of treating dairy industry wastewater. BCP25™ improves effluent quality, reduces grease build-up, helps control filaments, and lowers odor and foam. It is also helpful in the startup of new plants. 


An excellent blend of bacteria for reseeding and startup of activated sludge systems at municipal wastewater treatment plants.


Helps maintain water clarity and quality in fish and shrimp farms or wastewater effluent. 


Contains a special bacterial blend that degrades starch and increases wastewater treatment efficiency. BCP55™ reduces foam, unpleasant odors, and concentrations of BOD and TSS. It can be used to reseed after a plant upset or help new plants with startup. 


Provides greater resistance to the organic inhibitors present in fruit, vegetable, and wine processing. It helps reduce BOD and COD, improve effluent quality, and decrease odors. 


Enhances and accelerates the biological digestion of animal wastes (i.e., manure). It is proven effective in helping to reduce odors and sludge accumulations. 


A blend of bacteria, yeast, enzymes, and nutrients that will naturally accelerate the breakdown of household and agricultural organic wastes in composting processes. 


Contains strains of bacteria that biodegrade phenol and related aromatic compounds such as cumene, catechol, and cresol. This is helpful for wastewater coming from steel coking, coal conversion, petroleum cracking, and the production of plastic resins and pharmaceuticals. 


Bioconverter for industrial and municipal lagoons. Can help remove organic nitrogen (i.e., amino acids, proteins, purines, pyrimidines, and nucleic acids) and reduce ammonia levels from wastewater rather than converting it to another form. Can be used with A55L™. 


Reduces the accumulation of petroleum products in sumps and drains. This reduces the cost of cleaning and maintenance, improves odor control, and achieves BOD reduction. 


An easy-to-use block to speed up grease biodegradation in grease traps and lift stations. 


A slow releasing block that contains surfactants and bacteria that loosen, liquefy, and biodegrade heavy grease deposits for oily sump maintenance. 


A biological based cleaner/degreaser formulated for optimum cleaning and degreasing of hard surfaces such as floors, fixtures, and equipment pieces contaminated with petroleum products.


A powerful biological cleaner that digests grease, oil, protein, fat, starch, and other solid organic wastes from floors, walls, and other surfaces to maintain a clean, odor-free facility.


Formulated for the treatment of drain lines, grease traps, and down lines in restaurants and commercial establishments. Regular use of ECO-DRAIN™ keeps pipes clean, prevents emergency blockages, saves on line jetting, and reduces odors. 


A liquid capable of neutralizing a wide range of bad odors and leaving behind a feeling of freshness. The natural active ingredient in ECO-SCENT™ forms a complex with odor-causing organic compounds, yielding a lower concentration of these organic molecules. 


Contains a diverse microbiology designed to activate digestion of solid waste in septic tank systems. It works to improve pipe purification and drain seeping, extends the life of a drain area, and controls methane production. 


A grease trap treatment containing specialty additives that loosen and liquefy heavy grease deposits, thereby speeding up their degradation. ECO-TRAP™ reduces oil and fat accumulation, prevents emergency blockages, and reduces BOD and bad odors. 


Formulated to provide dual action in a one-step cleaning method. Its high penetrating action cuts through oil, grease, and soils quickly and makes car washes more efficient. 


Helps control odor and maintain healthy grease traps and septic systems. Its tab form is very convenient for end users. FIZZY-TAB™ contains diverse microbiological organisms designed to activate digestion of solid waste and reduce sludge buildup. 


A viscous liquid formulated with microorganisms selected for their ability to degrade fats, oils, and greases (FOG). GTC 3X™ improves pipe drainage and reduces grease and odors in grease traps. 


Treats and deodorizes portable toilets and mobile systems aboard vehicles. Quick acting and leaves a fresh fragrance behind. Contains a safe, non-formaldehyde formula that has no adverse effects on sewage treatment plants. For additional fragrance and a deeper blue color, use PORTA-TREAT™ P PLUS. 


A natural biostimulant, natural surfactant, and odor control product derived from natural plant extract. It can be used in treatment of wastewater and agricultural waste. STIMULUS™ inhibits the formation of odors while supplying bacteria with a food source rich in macro- and micro-elements that encourage the composting process.


Soluble cleaning blocks that slowly dissolve in water and contain a unique formula to clean away scaling problems, cure odors, and prevent blockages.


An enzyme-based liquid detergent for industrial laundry use. It offers outstanding cleaning and stain removal power at temperatures up to 65 °C (149 °F). It is produced with natural ingredients that do not harm fabrics or hands. The detergent is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, phosphate-free, and safe for septic systems. 


Contains microorganisms suited to degrade petroleum in a water environment and can be used at wastewater treatment plants and for cleanup of oil spills.


Contains organisms that will degrade a wide range of refinery hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel, crude oil, benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and xylene in soils. Most efficient when used with BIOSURF™.


A great alternative to commonly used surfactants and dispersants. When sprayed onto oil slicks or spills, it disperses hydrocarbons and makes them more available to natural microorganisms that will biodegrade the contaminants. Excellent for use in combination with BCP35S™ or BCP35M™.


Brings together two of our best hydrocarbon-degrading technologies, BIOSURF™ and BCP35S™, into a kit for spill cleanups. Keep SPILL KIT 35S™ on hand to comply with spill plan regulations and avoid serious fines.