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Cortec’s sustainable packaging options include a range of biobased, biodegradable, and/or recyclable materials. Each type of packaging meets a specific need such as compostability, corrosion protection, moisture and grease resistance, or even ESD protection!

Over the past decades, we have been an example to the film extrusion industry by taking the initiative to research, develop, and promote the use of biodegradable and/or biobased films and bags. Our poster child for innovation is Eco-Corr Film ®, the first biodegradable corrosion inhibiting film.

Other films in our lineup of sustainable packaging include basic (no corrosion inhibitors) biodegradable and/or biobased film for shopping bags and yard waste. We also offer Eco Works ® Resin, which is certified by BPI (international Biodegradable Product Institute, Inc.) to be compostable in municipal and industrial composting facilities according to ASTM D 6400 (BPI certificate #890974), for those who want to make their own films that are certifiable as 100% compostable per ASTM D6400 and DIN EN 13432.

A variety of corrosion inhibiting papers and linerboards present an array of naturally biobased protective packaging materials ranging from liners with anti-skid properties to VpCI ® papers with extra ESD protection or grease resistance. We also offer an environmentally friendly, fully recyclable/repulpable alternative to poly-coated and waxed papers for packaging applications that may not require corrosion protection but need a moisture barrier to maintain packaging integrity or protect goods from moisture intrusion. Emitters with biobased components complete the sustainable packaging portfolio for those looking to get the corrosion inhibiting benefits of VpCI ® Emitters in the most “sustainable” form possible.

Our sustainable packaging also reaches over into the area of bag-on-valve (BOV) spray can technology, which uses compressed air instead of traditional chemical propellants to atomize products for easy spray application. We package a number of our mainstay corrosion control products and some of our specialized cleaners in these environmentally friendly aerosols.


Browse our sustainable packaging options below!

Eco-Corr Film ®, Patented

The first biodegradable corrosion inhibiting film. Eco-Corr Film ® contains Cortec’s proprietary VpCI ® Technology and provides excellent contact, barrier, and vapor phase corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Formulations containing up to 40% biobased content are available and can be designed to fit required properties ranging from highly elastic to semi-rigid structures. When placed in a commercial composting environment, Eco-Corr Film ® will fully disintegrate within months. Eco-Corr Film ® is shelf stable. 

Eco-Corr Film ® ESD, Patented

A compostable, corrosion-inhibiting film with ESD protection to eliminate static electricity (e.g., for packaging electronics). When placed in a typical commercial composting environment, Eco-Corr Film ® ESD will disintegrate within months. 

Eco Film ®

A compostable film designed to replace non-degradable films such as traditional low density and high-density polyethylene. Provides good mechanical properties and stability. Made from resin certified by BPI (international Biodegradable Products Institute, Inc.) to be compostable in municipal and industrial composting facilities according to ASTM D 6400 (BPI certificate #890974). 

Eco Film® II Backyard Compostable

EcoFilm® II Backyard Compostable is the second generation of Eco Film®. Formulated from TÜV Austria certified ‘OK Compost Home’ resin, Eco Film® II Backyard Compostable takes environmental responsibility to the next level. Instead of sending used bags to the local industrial composting facility as required for commercially compostable films, users of Eco Film® II Backyard Compostable can simply step out the back door and discard Eco Film® II into the backyard compost bin where it will compost into soil amendment for their own gardens.

Eco Works® 10 & 45 Certified Commercially Compostable Film

Eco Works® 10 & Eco Works® 45 are certified commercially compostable films that contain renewable raw materials ranging from 10- 45%. When placed in a typical commercial composting environment, Eco Works® 10 & 45 will biodegrade within a few months. There is no ecotoxicity to the soil, plants, or microorganisms involved in this process. Since microorganisms are the means of biodegradation, Eco Works® is shelf and curb stable and will retain its integrity until disposed of properly 

Eco Works
®, Patented

A range of compostable film and bag products containing 5-45% renewable content and no polyethylene. When placed in a typical commercial composting environment, Eco Works ® films will fully biodegrade within months. Eco Works ® is made from resin certified by BPI (international Biodegradable Products Institute, Inc.) to be compostable in municipal and industrial composting facilities according to ASTM D 6400 (BPI certificate #890974). Eco Works ® also contains an annually renewable biopolymer derived from plant sugars. Eco Works ® film and bags can be used for checkout bags, lawn and leaf bags, organic waste diversion, and other industrial and commercial uses. 

Eco Works ® Resin

A proprietary blend of aliphatic and aromatic polyesters designed for compostable film extrusion applications. When placed in a typical commercial composting environment, films produced from Eco Works ® Resin will fully biodegrade within a matter of months. Eco Works ® resin is certified by BPI (international Biodegradable Products Institute, Inc.) to be compostable in municipal and industrial composting facilities according to ASTM D 6400 (BPI certificate #890974). Films produced from Eco Works ® Resin are certifiable as 100% compostable per ASTM D6400 and DIN EN 13432.

Anti-Skid Linerboard

A liner for pallets, shipping containers, conveyers, and floors where slippage is a concern. Designed to prevent slippage of cases, cartons, and bags up to a twenty degree slide angle. Available with and without VpCI ® protection. 

CorrTainer ®

Custom-made corrosion inhibiting cardboard boxes for storage or shipment of metal parts, especially small single-use packs of spare parts.

EcoShield ® Paper and Linerboard

An environmentally friendly, fully recyclable/repulpable alternative to polycoated and waxed papers. Barrier side repels water and resists oil and grease. 

EcoSonic ® ESD Paper powered by Nano VpCI ®

A fully recyclable/repulpable paper that combines corrosion inhibiting and static-dissipative properties for protection of sensitive electronics. Environmentally friendly coating made from soybean oil allows EcoSonic ® ESD Paper to perform better on the static half-life test than papers with conventional anti-stat coatings. 

VpCI ®-148 Paper

Fully recyclable/repulpable grease, oil, and solvent resistant corrosion inhibiting paper. Used for interleaving and wrapping of lubricated metal parts that require corrosion protection. 

VpCI ®-149 Paper

A unique corrosion-inhibiting paper for extra protection of sensitive metals such as copper, aluminum, and cast iron. Effective against aggressive environments including humidity, SO 2, H 2S, and galvanic corrosion from dissimilar metals. Fully recyclable/repulpable.

EcoDevice ®

A unique VpCI ® emitting device constructed from biobased non-woven material. Adhesive backing allows easy-stick application inside tool boxes, electrical boxes, and other compartments where corrosion protection is needed. Each 3 in. x 1.25 in. (7.62 cm x 3.175 cm) device protects up to 1.5 ft³ (42 L) of space. 

EcoEmitter ®

Polymeric cup constructed from biobased resins contains fully biodegradable corrosion inhibiting powder that releases protective vapors through a breathable biobased membrane. Self-stick cup allows convenient application in enclosed spaces where corrosion protection of metals is required. Each EcoEmitter ® protects 8.8 ft³ (0.25 m³) of enclosed space. 

EcoAir ® VpCI ®-337 Corrosion Inhibitor

Ready-to-use biodegradable waterborne Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor that leaves a thin, self-healing film. Non-flammable. Protects void spaces such as pipe internals and double wall spaces.

EcoAir ® VpCI ®-377 Multi-Metal Rust Preventative

Water-based replacement for oil-based rust preventatives. Forms clear, dry film. Non-flammable. Indoor dry storage of finished metal parts, castings, gears, pumps, equipment, sintered metals, bars, and roll stock.

EcoAir ® 414 Cleaner Degreaser

Water-based fast acting cleaner/degreaser with flash corrosion protection. Non-flammable. Removes temporary coatings, light oils, and greases.

EcoAir ® 418 LM Cleaner/Degreaser

Non-foaming, heavy-duty alkaline cleaner/degreaser with flash corrosion protection. Nitrite- and amine-free. Non-flammable. Removes hydrocarbons, greases, and difficult deposits. 

EcoAir ® 422 & EcoAir ® 423 Rust Removers

Environmentally-friendly biodegradable organic rust removers. Non-flammable. Removal of rust/corrosion from metal surfaces. Neutralize with EcoAir ® Cleaner Degreaser.

EcoAir ® Biobased CLP

Multifunctional cleaner/lubricant/protectant. Contains 89% USDA certified biobased content. Non-flammable. Reduces friction and wear on machine parts. Loosens seized parts. Protects from corrosion.

EcoAir ® BioClean Spray

An effective but gentle cleaner derived from coco oil and corn syrup. Cleans dirt, soil, dust, debris, and mold/mildew stains from wood, metal, plastics, and other hard surfaces. 

EcoAir ® BioCorr ® Biobased Rust Preventative

Water-based, biobased, rust preventative that is safe and easy to use. Leaves a virtually undetectable dry film on metal surfaces. 

EcoAir ® Graffiti Remover Enhanced with Nano VpCI ® Technology

Exceptionally smooth flowing graffiti removal gel with flash corrosion protection. Contains no methylene chloride, ketones, chromates, phenols, chlorinated solvents, methanol, toluene, or acetone. Removes graffiti, inks, and paints from metal, concrete, and wood.

EcoAir ® Mold Release Powered by Nano VpCI ®

 Dual function mold release lubricates and protects injection molds from corrosion and restores dielectric properties. Stable up to 392 °F (200 °C). Easier release of castings from injection molds. Corrosion protection of metal molds. Lubrication of tools, pulleys, guides, motor bearings, and battery terminals. 

EcoAir ® Tire Duragloss

Easy to apply high gloss shine for revitalizing tires. Does not contain solvents or harmful ingredients. Non-flammable.