Ecoline 3690 - rust preventativeA third-party packager of all-time buys for a major automaker was looking for a new rust preventative to use on parts packed for up to 10 years of aftermarket storage. A solvent-based rust preventative had been used for decades but was difficult to remove and raised concerns for workers and the environment. To find a possible alternative, they requested that Cortec® Laboratories test the performance of EcoLine® 3690 (a canola-oil based rust preventative that contains 72% USDA certified biobased content) according to automaker specs.

Results were considered successful. One camshaft came out of salt spray testing in very good condition with only some small corrosion spots (after one more day in testing than required). The other camshaft and cylinder head also came through humidity testing in very good condition except for some areas on intricate springs that had been difficult to coat by hand and areas where water had pooled on the cylinder head.

EcoLine® 3690 was written into the automaker’s specs for aftermarket engineering processes. The packaging company began using it when packing crankshafts, camshafts, and cylinder heads for long-term storage of all-time-buys and was very happy with the results and worker benefits.

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