Our time at ISSA North America, November 14th-16th in Las Vegas, confirmed the importance of probiotics as the specialty focus of Bionetix® International. Throughout the event, Diana Di Marco (Technical Sales Director) and Tonya Decterov (Product Manager) sensed an ever growing interest in “green” alternatives to traditional cleaning chemistries as they welcomed cleaning product distributors, service providers, and formulators to the Bionetix® booth.

In addition to sharing samples of all-purpose probiotic cleaning concentrates, our team was able to highlight odor control, drain, and grease trap treatments centered on probiotic activity. PAPERATOR™ was the exciting new “paper eating” product on the block, while ECO-CLEAN ALL TABS were a great way to share the economic/ecological side benefits of Bionetix® tablet products that help cut down on shipping costs and the use of plastic packaging.

Our team also had the opportunity to explore the expo floor, observing other vendors and connecting with some current customers from the US, Canada, and Europe. Ultimately, we came away feeling confirmed and inspired that Bionetix® is headed in the right direction and should continue to expand specific probiotic lines of high interest. Through continued development, we look forward to delivering the finished goods, concentrates, and raw materials that are increasingly in demand in North America and beyond. Contact us to learn more about getting in on that future of probiotic growth!

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