Traditional rust preventatives present two major challenges. One is the issue of environmental and worker hazards […]
May 26, 2022 What if using a commercially compostable film could help you not only eliminate […]
What if consumers could just throw a plastic bag onto their backyard compost heap when they […]
EcoCortec® is very excited to receive industrial composability certification of it’s Eco-Corr® Film. Eco-Corr® is the […]
Cortec® is pleased to announce the release of EcoAir® Biobased Outdoor Coating powered by Nano VpCI®. Since its […]
Sometimes, VCI papers need an extra barrier against moisture. Normally, this would be provided through the […]
Moisture barrier paper is a must-have for the packaging industry. Unfortunately, polyethylene (PE) or wax coatings […]
Cortec® Corporation is very excited to receive industrial compostability certification of it’s Eco Wrap® stretch film! […]